Who am I ?

Diversified artist, I have a very curious nature and I am a meddler of all that is artistic. I have a thirst to understand and a visceral need to be in contact with the matter and to express myself with my hands. The concept of form and volume is taking a big place in my artistic approach.
French from background, it’s in Brussels that I grew. Grand-daughter of a dressmaker and daughter of a painter, mosaist and inner-architect, I bathed all my childhood in color, forms and materials… art and creation. At a very young age my interest goes for drawing, painting and geometry.

After high school I leave for Los Angeles, California (USA) where I absolve a Bachelor of Art in Intercultural Studies and Theater. The initiation to acting, stage work, stage design and costume design open me artistically. Back to Europe, I work at the Centre “Art-et-Vie” in Marseille (France) and at the “English theatre” in Frankfurt (Germany). But after becoming a mom, I put my theater career on hold to devote myself to my children. After putting my career on hold for 7 years, I give up theatre definitively and decide to return to school to become a pre-school teacher.

Towards the end of the nineties I meet Audrey Otterbein in Langen, Germany and take my first class in Tiffany and mosaic at her “Glas Gestaltung” studio. Glass in relationship to the light operates its magic on me and takes a strong hold on me, to release me no more. At the beginning, I reproduce existing patterns. But very quickly, I will develop my own creations.

On my return to Belgium 5 years ago, it’s at the “Centre Belge du Vitrail Pierre Majerus” under the attentive eyes of Pierre Dognaux, Patrick de Jager and Saskia Lupini-Klute that I take my first classes in leaded stained glass and traditional painted glass with vitreous paints. The need to create becomes even stronger in me.

I do not cease to be fascinated by the complexity of glass work which requires artistic creativity but also technical skills, rigor, perseverance, method, precision, sensitivity for detailed work… all these qualities which I thrive to develop anew and which I hope show in my work.

With 20 years of strong glass work experience I want to share my passion for this extraordinary matter. More than even I also want to transmit my expertise and put my teaching capacities at the service of children, teenager and adults showing interests in glass.

Leguet-Sikaly Marie-Laurence

Création et animation d'atelier


Avenue des Roitelets 15 B2
Kraainem - Bruxelles


Tél : +32 (0) 487.48.04.34
Mail : info@studio-univerre.com

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